When conservative treatment has been exhausted and will not produce the desired outcomes and/or trauma is diagnosed to require surgical intervention, we understand patients have many concerns when surgery is required, and we will assist in coordinating a treatment plan that is in the patients best interest.

Once surgery intervention has been determined, we work closely with our patients to keep them informed from the initial consultation, consents, assisting in pre-op, discussing the surgical procedure and the post-operative course of care.  Podiatry surgery such as reconstructive foot & ankle surgeries are done in the hospital setting usually with mild sedation and local anesthesia. 

Minor surgeries for foot pain such as, ingrown nails, wound care, lacerations,aspirations and skin biopsies are usually done in the office under local anesthesia.

Flatfoot realignment and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction ankle deformity corrections are done with minimal invasive surgery under minimal anesthesia with a local block. This involves a stent implant into the talo-tarsal joint to achieve a straight, stable joint realignment with preservation of the foot. This involves a  procedure with a short surgical procedure with quick recovery time. Learn more with minimal invasive flatfoot and ankle surgery. 

Endoscopic plantar fasciitis (fasciectomy) and arthroscopic ankle ligament repair are performed with  minimally invasive surgical techniques to preserve and improve function .  

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