Flat Foot or Ankle Misalignment

Misaligned flat feet and ankle misalignment are usually treated with supportive orthotics or braces, which may only assist is correcting the heel and arch deformity. Although sometimes you may need more correction which may require surgery.

Often ignored or neglected ankle misalignment will still progress to more misaligned deformities which may lead to further pain or complications with age.

If you are looking for a surgical option when conservative treatment fails, surgical alignment with an extra-osseous stent implant is a minimal invasive surgery which corrects the ankle and hind foot alignment with a minimal incision and a short recovery time.

Minimally invasive extra osseous surgery is permanent solution for both pediatric and adult patients. This is also a reversable procedure which rarely displaces or needs to be removed.

The deformity in the ankle or flat feet conditions are mainly due to genetics and more than likely you will not “outgrow” the misalignment.

Most deformities unless you body “adapts” will more than likely progress to greater misaligned deformities. Pain may or may not only in progress in your feet but other parts of your body with time. The longer a patient waits the higher chance they will require more invasive surgeries In the future.

HyProCure implants have a 90% success rate and is a FDA approved implant with evidence based studies. Please click on picture for more info or call today to make an appointment to see if this procedure is for you or a loved one.
Hypocure minimally invasive ankle realignment surgery, click on image to find out more.